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Decorating Wedding Table

An Introduction



During my graduating year of University, I developed the foundation of this multi-service business. It was not till 2019 that I successfully launched the site and debuted my products.

Within the first year of my business, I raised money for Oxfam Batley. The money raised was used to contribute to the education of young girls in countries such as Niger, which helped to source equipment, set up reading clubs and support teachers.

Supporting charities has been incredibly important to me and has since encouraged me to raise money for Rape Crisis England and Wales and Khalsa Aid.

My illustrations and prints hone in on important and taboo discussions within the South Asian community. It has allowed me to story-tell through expressions, poses and the surrounding of the subjects in my illustrations. Thankfully, my artwork has been well-received and has sparked thought-provoking conversations across my social platforms. The most heartfelt moment was reading the responses to my post about miscarriages. Here, a few women shared their experiences, were consoled and found friends.

In opening up a platform for conversation, I have had the pleasure to interact with like-minded individuals and discover opportunities to create art that encourages discussions in the south Asian community, raises awareness for the LGBTQ+ community and highlights the impacts of mental health or intergenerational trauma. As seen in the Product of Culture table book, Club Kali socials and South Asian Queens podcast.

Furthermore, in educating myself, I began finding joy in illustrating messages and stories in Sikh history. Within this process, I received so much love for raising awareness of Sikh holidays and addressing injustices within the community that it became a new purpose.

Luckily, I have had the pleasure to see my artwork shared on informative platforms such as the Sikh Expo and at the University of Washington Sikh Student Association 1984 exhibition.

After three years, I decided to introduce more services and products such as bespoke illustrations, wedding stationery and event signs.

While developing my sister’s wedding suite, I discovered a niche market for South Asian wedding stationery - A place where I could marry the traditional with contemporary.

I now specialise in bespoke services such as wedding stationery, event accessories and illustrations.

Whilst, I continue to keep the essence of learning and educating, I also get to have a personalised journey with clients through sharing memories and capturing special moments. To learn more about the services I offer, please explore my website.

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