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5 ways to make your greeting cards special

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Greeting cards are a personal and tactile offering of emotion. Whether its to express love, celebration or condolences, greeting cards provide something more than speech. We spend hours hoarding the card aisle or frequenting online stores, to find the ‘perfect’ card. We consider the colour, words and messages, to make sure it fits the person we’re gifting it to. Therefore, I think we can agree that cards hold some sentiment. It’s exactly these elements of thought that haven’t outdated a greeting card. Though, in the last decade, we’ve become accustom to saving memories in our phones, its merely something that we can see, whereas a greeting card can be held. Whether it’s the grain in the paper or the perfume trapped in the pulp, greeting cards make us feel that bit closer to those who have gifted it to us.

Here are a few unique ways to make your greeting cards more special:

1. Experiment with different fonts

When receiving a greeting card, we may tend to skim across the message because of the consistent handwriting. Therefore, try writing some parts of your message in capital letters or cursive to express emotion. Writing ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ in capitals, projects the joy of the writer. Similarly, ‘Love from’ in cursive, personifies the love of the writer.

2. Add animated lines

Drawing short animated lines around a word, can add emphasis. It also makes the recipient feel as though you’ve put more time and thought into writing their card.

3. Hide confetti

Adding a handful of confetti in the card, adds an element of surprise and guarantees a smile.

4. Spritz with perfume

Spraying your cards, gives the recipient a short-term capsule of your scent and allows them to feel closer to you.

5. A kiss

Saved for the romantics, a kiss on the card is an alternative to signing the card and also adds a little flirtation to the recipient.

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