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‘Chal’ Notebook Launch

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Inspired by Indian street culture, we have a new range which appreciates India from food to art.

1. Pills and Automobiles CH01

What is India without its transport? We created a funky turquoise notebook filled with mini rickshaws to celebrate Indian culture dating back to the 19th century. Painted with bright pinks and blues, we wanted to explore how the rickshaw has become a symbol of art over the years. From controversial adverts to bohemian floral decorations, the rickshaw is simply more than transport.

2. Got the tea CH02

What better way to celebrate India, than referencing tea? India’s famous teas Darjeeling and Assam have been cultivated since the 19th century. However, tea drinking in India, dated back to 750 BC. No wonder India is the largest consumer of these goods. As a result, we thought we’d show India’s desire for the beverage, by nestling it in the clutches of an Indian woman. Adorned in gold and red bangles, we placed the tea in a bride’s hand. Though, the combination of colours appear vivid, we kept the sentiment with the hand and glass.

3. Dhol CH03

The dhol is an instrument, often heard throughout bhangra music. The instrument was introduced somewhere between the 14th to 15th century. It would be used to draw attention in crowd for announcements and played alongside Indian folk songs. With such a prevalence in India, we drew a modern day dhol, fashioned with colourful tassels and flowers.

4. Spill the tea CH04

Similar to the ‘Got the tea’ design, we decided to keep the tea as the focal point. We delved into evolution of chai served in glasses. It was simply a matter of convenience, which has remained a staple in Indian dhaba’s. The ability to stack, grip and clean glasses were easier than a porcelain cup and saucer.

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