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Eid Infusion Cards Launch

We’ve recently launched a growing range for our Eid cards!

Whilst it’s an unsettling time, it’s still important to show those dearest to us that they’re in our thoughts. Our cards are the perfect gesture to share wishes and special messages to anyone celebrating Eid. Whether you’re giving or receiving a card, it’s a tactile form of affection and always sparks excitement.

Have a look at our range!

Spring Mosque -

Inspired by Middle Eastern architecture our Spring Mosque card embodies growth and renewal. The vibrant colour palette incorporates tones of turquoise, blue and yellow which reflect the essence of Spring perfectly. Contrastingly, the hazy magenta adds a magical flair. Finally, each card is hand finished with silver and blue gems, for added sparkle.

Eid Lanterns -

Our Eid Lantern card is the epitome of majestic. The vivid colours of brass gold, pink, blue and emerald green, add luxury to the card. Each lantern is embellished with intricate stained-glass patterns and fine details. Finally, each card is hand finished with ruby red gems, to add opulence.

Furthermore, we realise that Eid is best celebrated with friends and family, however, we have a few ways to make Eid special with our cards:

1. Add confetti or glitter inside - What better way to embody joy than literal sparkles!

2. Gift money or vouchers inside - Whilst it may be difficult to visit shops, most online stores are still running

3. Get the whole family involved! - Getting everyone to write a short message makes the card memorable and a potential keepsake

4. Decoration - Whist it may be difficult to buy decorations, these cards would look lovely, displayed on mantels or along a garland

Finally, we hope everyone has a wonderful Eid and most importantly, are staying safe and healthy.

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