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Feeling Retro With Oxfam

Christmas can be considered a universal pinnacle, where everyone comes together to celebrate alleviated stresses, the holidays and family. It is also the most charitable time of the year. However, we often get caught up in the whirlwind of Christmas shopping and meeting deadlines before the new year, that we don’t know how to help.

Well, we are so excited to announce that this Christmas, we’re launching a collection of retro themed Christmas cards to raise money for Oxfam. Why retro? – Since, the Oxfam online shop encourages loving the pre-owned by re-using and recycling, we thought we’d spark a little nostalgia and show you that ‘old’ is just as desirable as the new.

We have six cards within this collection, which highlights toys, gadgets and devices from the 70s onwards.

1. The Iconic Robot – In the 1980s robots were all the rage. The fantasies of possessing a robot were instilled in young children through T.V and pop culture. The most memorable electronic toys were provided by Nintendo and Radio Shack.

2. The Telephone – Whilst it may not sound ground-breaking, new features such as caller IDs, the ability to record messages and extensions, made telephones popular throughout the 70-80s.

3. The Rubix Cube – Invented in the 70s, this cube was never meant to be toy, but rather a model to help explain three-dimensional geometry. It featured in many TV commercials, which advertised that ‘solving a rubix quickly equalled high intelligence.’

4. Video Consoles – The 70-80s were the decline of arcades as video consoles were popularised. Children were able to conveniently play games from the comfort of their own homes, having them glued to their screens to finish the latest releases. The most recognisable consoles were from Nintendo, Mattel and Commodore.

5. Vinyl’s – Vinyl records offered a happy escape, allowing people to play their favourite songs as and when they wanted. Some of the most popular artists were ‘The rolling Stones’ and ‘The Beatles.’ It also became romanticised in movies, offering an intimate capsule of meaning and emotion. Even today, vinyl’s remain popular with its revival in 2016, where it was praised for its crisp sound, nostalgia and tangibility.

6. Poster Art – Retro art perfectly encapsulated the psychedelic nature of the 70s. Typefaces were often combined bubble text with cursive nature, to draw attention. It was a time of expansion, which celebrated recreation and lifestyle through text.

Why Oxfam? “Oxfam works to find practical and innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive.” With intensive research and developments of over 70 years, they’ve taken the time to understand who they’re helping. To which, they’ve acknowledged that most “people living in poverty are women. As they tend to have fewer resources, fewer rights, and fewer opportunities to make life-shaping decisions than men.” Therefore, when working within communities, Oxfam ensures to “consult and include women at every stage.” As a result, young girls and women have been given the opportunity to better their futures. These include, an education, a voice and learning how to become self-sufficient. What is incredible, is that they cater solutions to the individual. For instance, teaching women how to use their skills to market hand-made goods. However, their hard work does not end here. They also tackle issues regarding food, water, health, education, business, natural disasters and developments.

How can we make a difference? For each Christmas cards sold, the profits will be donated to Oxfam. Whilst, it may not seem like a lot, every donation makes a difference. Here’s a brief breakdown of how £1 can help those in poverty. “84p goes directly to emergency, development and campaigning work. 9p is spent on support costs. 7p is invested to generate future revenue.”

If you’d like to make a difference this Christmas, shop our ‘Retro Themed Christmas Card’s’ collection at and follow us on Instagram @gaby.gohlar to keep track of how your contribution is helping. Also, please tag us with a picture of your retro card and related posts! – We’d love to share these and see our supporters.

Useful Links:

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3. If you want to hear stories on how Oxfam has beat poverty, visit their blog at

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