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Love and Protection this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day was founded in the 1850s, where “women's organiser, Ann Reeves Jarvis” hosted picnics in hopes to improve "sanitary conditions and lower infant mortality by fighting disease and curbing milk contamination.” Whilst Jarvis did not support the commercialisation of the holiday, her intent to protect women and children did not go in vain. Today, Mother’s Day celebrates, the relationship a mother has with her child. Whether that through gifts or a simple thank you, the message remains.

We wanted to continue the sentiment and raise awareness for women who have faced sexual violence or abuse, in any form. As a result, we have designed a collection of Mother’s Day cards, encouraging positivity and self-love. All the profits raised from the cards, will be donated to Rape Crisis, who provide counselling, advocacy and emotional support for women.

Each card has the intent to alleviate stress by “strengthening feelings of compassion, creativity and even provide a boost of energy,” through the colours and floral illustrations.

The Collection

1. You are one of a kind – Peachy pink florals

2. You will always mean a lot – Orangey red tropical florals

3. You’re a soul full of sunshine – Blush and vivid magenta florals

Who are Rape Crisis England & Wales (RCEW)?

“Rape Crisis England & Wales (RCEW) is a feminist organisation that supports the work of Rape Crisis Centres across England and Wales.” They aim to raise awareness, understanding and promote the rights of women to eventually eliminate any sexual violence or abuse.

With 41 Rape Crisis Centres in 51 locations, the women-lead organisation provides “frontline specialist, independent and confidential services, for women and girls of all ages who've experienced any form of sexual violence.”

What services do RCEW provide?

1. They help you find your local rape crisis centre.

2. They help you understand what sexual abuse and rape are.

3. Your comfort is important! – They provide multiple platforms as a point of contact such as phone calls, online chats or visiting a member at your nearest centre.

4. They provide support and information for coping - whether it happened recently, in the past or if you’re unsure what happened; they are here.

5. Most of all, they help you understand your feelings (towards yourself and others) by recognising physical reactions and forms of expression.

How can we make a difference?

For each Mother’s Day card sold, the profits will be donated to RCEW. The donations will continue to support existing forms of help, such as providing an ‘independent sexual violence advisor,’ who will assist in court and criminal justice processes. It will also be used to help maintain all platforms of contact (national helpline) and training.

RCEW proactively improves their services by listening to the needs of women who have faced any form of sexual abuse.

Already, contributions have developed the efficacy of the RCEW services. Last October, the introduction of the ‘live chat function,’ provided a safe way for those affected by sexual abuse, to openly talk about their experience. This incredible change has allowed women to build trust and comfort with members, whilst working towards their next steps. Furthermore, the organisation recognises the presence of access barriers and its limitations. As a solution, they are currently setting up online counselling rooms to ensure ease of access.

The attentiveness of this organisation is unbelievable. Their curated services and support shouldn’t go unnoticed. If you believe in developments RCEW have and continue to make, shop our ‘Mother’s Day’ collection at and follow us on Instagram @gaby.gohlar to make a difference. Also, please tag us with a picture of your card and related posts! – We’d love to share these and see our supporters.

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