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Short & Sweet

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

We are only filled with so many words. So, how can we say something short that holds a lot of meaning? Here are a handful of words, which can make your message a little more personal.

1. Thank-you

Sometimes a simple thank-you is all someone needs to hear to feel appreciated.

2. Trust me

This is perfect to write after a playful or honest comment about the individual. “You are great at what you do. Trust me.” These two words convey support and faith between the writer and recipient.

3. I care

This is a short but sentimental statement. Variations such as “I will always care” or “I care” followed by more to provide context to the statement, can also work. However, the simplicity and boldness of this statement, holds more meaning. This can often be used in the conventional romantic card for your significant other or for apologies and condolences.

4. Honestly

This is a great word to emphasis your message. Similarly, to “trust me,” it allows the writer to offer faith and reassurance to the recipient.

5. I promise

Again, this statement, adds trust. It can often be used as a final statement, after the main body of the message. This holds more impact and strength in the statement. “I will always be there for you. I promise.” This can be used in many kinds of cards and altered to appear joyous or sensitive. Typically, where it starts a sentence, it may appear more upbeat than when ending a sentence.

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