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This art print is a part of the ‘Topics’ collection. These prints exude the history, storytelling and art of adornment from the South Asian culture. Through the rich colours and jewels, these prints add a statement to every room. Pair with a plain frame and accompanying candles or pampas grass to elevate the print.


Print finish

All art prints are printed on high quality ‘smooth cotton high white paper’ which leaves a smooth and texture-free matte finish. The high white shade assures saturated colours lift when printed.


Want to know a little more about the paper quality?

Weight: 315gsm

Material: 100% Cotton

Coating: Matte

Surface Texture: Smooth

Available in A4 and A3


To read more about what inspired this collection or this particular illustration, visit @gaby.gohlar on Instagram.




What is gaslighting?
“Gaslighting is a form of emotional abuse. It’s the act of manipulating a person by forcing them to question their thoughts, memories, and the events occurring around them.” 
How do you become a gaslighter? 
People aren’t born gaslighters, they learn these behaviours from the relationships they observed growing up. “They witness it, feel the effects of it, or stumble upon it and see that it is a potent tool.” Gaslighters lack self-awareness and see their actions as self-expression. However their actions can lead to someone questioning their own sanity.
How to spot a gaslighter
Withholding (he or she refuses to listen or says they don’t understand)
Countering (when the abuser questions the gaslightee’s memory of an event)
Blocking/diverting (when the abuser changes the subject or questions the victim’s thinking)
Trivialising (making the victim’s needs or feelings seem unimportant)
Forgetting/denial (when the manipulator pretends to have forgotten the incident)
Are you a victim of gaslighting?

  • You wonder whether you’re too sensitive
  • You often feel confused 
  • You can’t understand why you aren’t happier
  • You have trouble making simple decisions
  • You wonder if you are good enough
  • You no longer feel like the person you used to be
  • You feel more anxious and less confident
  • You feel like everything you do is wrong
  • You constantly apologise 
  • You often think over your responses to your partner

How to stop it

  • Identify the problem
  • Sort out truth from distortion
  • Imagine yourself without the relationship 
  • Give yourself permission to feel all your feelings
  • Give yourself the okay to leave the gaslighter
  • Talk to your close friends
  • Focus on feelings instead of right and wrong
  • Have compassion for yourself


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