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Motherhood Boy Or Girl


This art print is a part of the ‘Topics’ collection. These prints exude the history, storytelling and art of adornment from the South Asian culture. Through the rich colours and jewels, these prints add a statement to every room. Pair with a plain frame and accompanying candles or pampas grass to elevate the print.


Print finish

All art prints are printed on high quality ‘smooth cotton high white paper’ which leaves a smooth and texture-free matte finish. The high white shade assures saturated colours lift when printed.


Want to know a little more about the paper quality?

Weight: 315gsm

Material: 100% Cotton

Coating: Matte

Surface Texture: Smooth

Available in A4 and A3


To read more about what inspired this collection or this particular illustration, visit @gaby.gohlar on Instagram.


Motherhood Boy Or Girl 


It's a girl! - "oh, better luck next time"
How is this still a conversation?
Whilst, "gender determination in India is a crime and any doctor who indulges in revealing the sex of the child, can be tried under criminal law," it does not mean that these tests don't take place.
Recently, I read an article where an Indian newspaper had been offering 'tips' for conceiving a baby boy. But, it's everywhere. There are forums, blog posts and websites. They offer "remedies" such as herbal teas, oils, supplements and suggest what days or months of the week to try for a baby boy.
"Boys are an investment and girls are a liability"
The truth is that there are "statistically 63 million missing women in India" because of "sex-selective abortions and neglect." They do not receive the same nutrition, medical care, support and celebration, that a boy does.
Outdated thinking such as paying dowry, not being able to provide for their family and not being able to carry the family name forward, are man-made customs. They can change, so why don't we?
Yes, throughout the years there have been attempts for improvement. However, favouritism still stands. Let's remember that girls and boys are both precious. 

Motherhood Boy Or Girl

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