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Sexual Harassment


This art print is a part of the ‘Topics’ collection. These prints exude the history, storytelling and art of adornment from the South Asian culture. Through the rich colours and jewels, these prints add a statement to every room. Pair with a plain frame and accompanying candles or pampas grass to elevate the print.


Print finish

All art prints are printed on high quality ‘smooth cotton high white paper’ which leaves a smooth and texture-free matte finish. The high white shade assures saturated colours lift when printed.


Want to know a little more about the paper quality?

Weight: 315gsm

Material: 100% Cotton

Coating: Matte

Surface Texture: Smooth

Available in A4 and A3


To read more about what inspired this collection or this particular illustration, visit @gaby.gohlar on Instagram.


Sexual Harassment

As female employment rates in India rise, so do cases of workplace harassment.
Sexual harassment is unwanted behaviour of a sexual nature which could violate your dignity, make you feel intimidated, degraded or humiliated or create a hostile or offensive environment.
As a result, sexual harassment can have physical, mental and emotional implications.
An article provided by the 'Helpline Law' found that "nearly 88% of the female workforce" in various Indian companies had reported some form of sexual harassment. Roughly, 47% of employees did not know where to file a complaint, whilst 91% did not report for fear of being victimized.
Given the aftermath of the #MeToo movement in the U.S.A, actresses within the Bollywood industry felt empowered to speak out about their experiences. As a result, statistics found a 54% rise in sexual harassment cases recorded in the workplace between 2014-2017. "In all, 2,535 such cases were registered over the four years ending July 27, 2018 - that is nearly two cases reported every day."
In India 2018 these were the areas with highest cases of sexual harassment in the workplace:
◽Uttar Pradesh 726 cases
◽Delhi 369 cases
◽Madhya Pradesh 154 cases
◽Maharastra 147 cases

Sexual Harassment

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