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Fawzi and Zara

"Simple but Elegant"

The Faversham

The historic Faversham, established in 1947, began its early life as a hotel. The hotel was named Miss Havisham, in reference to the jilted bride in the Charles Dickens’ novel, ‘Great Expectations.’ The hotel has never failed to adapt to the culture of its time, from hosting Leeds United Players in their glory years to moonlighting as the ‘nation’s Goth scene.’

However, the venue has been renovated and now cleverly incorporates industrial and contemporary touches. The conservatory, in particular, has an earthy but elegant presence, which Zara wanted to bring into wedding invitations.

Simple but elegant

Before the consultation, Zara had collated some inspirational photographs with a brief of what she wanted. Zara wanted a classic layout with a “flower detail” on the invitations to complement the earthy green-grey envelopes she had in mind.

Initially, I experimented with the upper and lowercase text, the placement and spacing. However, it appeared incomplete. Therefore, I refined the floral detail to a small leaf branch, which nestled in-between an uppercase Z and F.

Zara and Fawzi loved the floral detail and initials and were happy to have them printed. Whilst, the couple was over the moon with the design, I felt it needed development.

Keeping the venue and personality of the couple in mind, I began fine-tuning aspects of the invitation. Once again, I experimented with the font, size and spacing, where I paired regular and italic texts to soften the invitation. I found this worked best on the dates and RSVP note. I also replaced the leaves with a rustic wildflower bunch, which tied the invitation together.

Finally, we incorporated the contemporary feel of the venue by selecting an A-style envelope over the conventional baronial envelope.

The completed invitations complemented the tone of the wedding by pairing organic and modern touches.

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